The story behind the Shipyards Night Market 2.0

In August of 2022 my company, iMADE, was hosting a market / faire at the Pipe Shop Venue in the Shipyards district. At the end of my event, one of my staffers introduced me to Kyle and Christine, owners of The Garden Beer Market. They were hosting an event outside the same day and wanted to introduce themselves and meet the organizer, me!

Kyle’s Aunt was Ingrid Doerr, previous owner / operator of the Shipyards Night Market. Sadly, Ingrid passed away in September 2018, just before her SYNM season ended. The family found the strength to produce the last couple of weeks while suffering and mourning their loss.

In short, Ingrid’s sister, Monika, and her son, Kyle have asked me to take over the SYNM in its entirety to make my own. With the family’s blessing, Monika’s support and encouragement, plus Ingrid watching from above as her sister says to me, We’re resurrecting the event, 2.0 version.

It will look different from years previous as the area has been densely developed, we are focused on working with the City of North Vancouver, the Shipyards District and the new local businesses who call this place home.. There’s still a big spirit and a lot of good intentions driving this event. We are all
excited for its return.

Returning are all 4 pillars of this event, a beer garden (The Garden Beer Market), live music & DJ’s, food trucks (collaboration with the Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festival) and some market vendors (iMADE / a few SYNM previous vendors as well) all outdoors. We are a collection of small, local businesses ourselves speerheading The Shipyards Night Market 2.0 if you will.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone in our 2023 season in North Vancouver. Every Friday 3pm to 10pm starting May 12th through Sept 15th.

Come support this free open air event.

See you all soon!

– Dani

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iMADE is a curated event where independent local small brands, both new and emerging, can come together to share experiences, ideas, find support and lift each other up.
With each community we hold an event in, our primary aim is to showcase these small businesses (no MLM’s at our events) and shed light on the importance and the value to which they have within our communities. When shoppers make a purchase from one of these brands, it helps spread the importance of conscious consumerism by highlighting the value of buying locally. It just feels good!
At our iMADE events, the energy is electric, uplifting, fun, and full of discovery. In addition, we want to make the connection between community, shopping local, and buying small. Merging these important values allows us to produce successful events. Come, try it out; you just might love it.

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I found iMADE to celebrate the creative dream. We want to help the ‘small’ brands and businesses that get overlooked. It’s these hard-working individuals who are passionate about their side hustle or full-time gig and who will put in the hard work to make their dream of being a small business owner a successful reality and who want to surround themselves with others who have these same goals. It’s an incredible vibe to be in. A room is full of ‘go-getters,’ the ‘artsy crew,’ the ‘underdog’… oh, you just watch them succeed. Their will is strong.

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Canadian local artists | Artisans | Small home-based side hustles |
Emerging brands | Small local shops

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